Seva is selfless service offered to God and the Guru, performed as a pure offering, without attachment to the results of one’s actions and without desire for personal gain. Performing seva is a way to nurture the steady awareness of your union with the Self, the divine Consciousness within, even while engaging in action.

You are invited to participate with our community in the offering of seva, which is one of the core Siddha Yoga practices. People can offer seva during satsang, or special events in areas using skills they already have, or in areas that they want to learn more about. We have many seva areas like satsang-coordinator, welcoming, hosting, hall monitoring, puja, audiovisual, music, amrit, sparkling, flowers, and bookstore. All seva areas require some level of prior training. On the Siddha Yoga path, every seva is considered equally important.

Please contact us If you wish to offer seva.